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I've been doing this for some time...


Think Better!


Innovative Ideas

The best solution available with technology from today (and sometimes from tomorrow).

Free Advice

Buy me a coffee and I'll tell you everything, even how to do it yourself.

Easy to Customise

If you want to, I'll give you the access and the knowledge to edit your own site.

Feel Like A Star

My aim is to always make you look much bigger than you are, my sites never get out-grown.

Great Support

If you don't understand something then I'll move heaven and earth till you do (or I'll do a YouTube video).

24/7 Support

If I add something new I'll help you help your customers with the 'shiny new thing'.

Google Street View Trusted Photographer

Boost Your Visibility

Build trust with a high-quality virtual tour that lets people experience your location before they arrive.

As a Google Trusted Photographer and a Google Specialist my service goes beyond just taking pictures. I'll show you how to get the best from your business listing so you show up when and where it matters most.

Prices start from as little as £280 for a business the size of a large coffee shop.



Andy Paddock

Digital Solutions Expert with over ten years experience in delivering solutions in the digital world.

Google Specialist

I'm google certified and have accounts running now which all have a positive ROI. My number one priority is that anything I do for you pays for itself.

I will never promise number one but if you want to work towards it be prepared to put some time in, I believe a good Google ranking is a reward for hard work and can't be bought.

Digital Evangilist

We Think Better and that means our solutions are better than you thought possible and bigger than you currently are.

More than happy to discuss your digital dilemma, even if it's just to get a second opinion. I'm a very bad salesperson so there's never a hard sell.

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Email is the killer of productivity, I've replaced email with an online tool called Podio. Click below to fill in the form and we'll have a conversation.

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